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Cheap price, and good , but they don`t let lots of oxygen through

I`ve been using these for a while and found they were fine. The price is truly amazing.
When I visited my optician he was concerned as he had never heard of them. A key parameter is the DK value. This is the amount of oxygen they let through to the eye. Too little oxygen and blood vessels can start growing that can eventually blind you.
Daily lenses typically have a DK value of 9. These monthly lenses have a DK value of 20. For reference, Biofinity Silicon monthly lenses have a value of 110.
So, they are cheap but don`t let lots of oxygen through, and as I have dry eyes, I`m not going to risk my eye sight, so am going back to silicon lenses.
I`d rather pay more and not risk my eyesight.

Editors Comment: Crystal Monthly have a DK of 20, in common with other brand name monthly lenses with this material i.e Biomedics 55, Soflens 59. One day lenses do NOT have a low DK of 9, but are commonly 20 DK and up i.e soflens 1 day is 20 DK.

All research shows that this level of oxygen transmission is totally safe for daily wear up to 16 hours a day.

It is mainly lenses that contain silicone that have high DK levels, and these are primarily used for overnight wear, or for those customers that have particularly high oxygen requirements - or have had previous problems with, as mentioned above blood vessel growth.

The DK level has no influence on dry eyes - in fact the higher the silicone level, the worse they can be for dry eyes, as silicone is essentially a hydrophobic material.

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Cardiff, UK

Not bad but...

They're not bad for the price but I really stuggle to wear them for long periods of time. They constantly feel like they're about to fall out and they do irritate my eyes a lot. They make my eyes water a lot but they provide excellent clarity and vision, so I can't complain in that respect. Unfortunately I won't be buying them again.

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Great value but irritate after 5-6 hours

I wear these lenses from 5am through to about 10.30pm and have bought them for a couple of years simply because of the great price.

I find them easy to handle and robust but after a few hours things do start to go blurry and I find myself rubbing my eyes after 5-6hrs. I'm not sure if its my eyes or these lenses because I had the same expereiences when I used to buy the cheapest specsavers equivalent.

If you own glasses and just want these for the bulk of the day then i'd recommend them but Ive spent the second half of each day squinting and struggling for focus. Kept on buying them though so the price must be right!

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