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2 Stars Rated Customer Reviews on Crystal Monthly



not as good as others have said

this is in my opinion of course but these are not as good as others said in there review's they are far to thin and i need my glasses on to put them in will not be buying them again

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Ok but not great

I have been using the daily version of Crystal and they are fabulous compared to these. They do not handle well at all and split very easily when taking in and out of your eye and the case. Also make my eyes very dry feeling and get really uncomfortable after several hours wear. Therefore what was supposed to be 6 months supply will probably only last half of that if I'm lucky so may as well go back to the dailies as these are no more economical to buy than those.

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Break very easily

These contacts were comfortable and of course a great price, however; they broke so easily that my 6 month supply has only lasted me 2 months. I've worn contacts for yrs and never had that problem so despite the great price the value wasn't there since they didn't last me long.

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London uk

Very uncomfortable

Was expecting good things after reading good comments about these but unfortunately they are very uncomfortable compared to my usual pro clear lenses. These lenses constantly fall out, irritate my eyes, and do not last a month at all.

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Not great but what do you expect for the price...

I am a backpacker traveling around Canada right now and needed a new supply of lenses and came across these. The price grabbed me and although they had mixed reviews a lot of positive ones swayed me. Initially they are very comfortable and for the first few days i was very happy. but very soon they became dry and uncomfortable, there is nothing worse than being out and about and your eyes are feeling irritable. also they are very fragile, I have ripped 4 of them now and i assure you i have been very carful with lenses. overall i am not very impressed and will now have to find some over here in Canada :(

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False Economy

I purchased these as they are significantly cheaper than any other brand, but they are significantly worse than any other brand I have tried in both comfort and durability.

I can usually wear contact lenses all day with absolute ease, but with these, by the 6 hour mark, they start to become uncomfortable.

They should be relabelled as 2 week disposables as you will be very lucky to acheive a months wear out of them. I was used to getting up to 2 months wear with other brands with no problems.

Also, they are very fragile and can be broken easily from basic handling and cleaning procedures.

They are hard to resist at this price, but you will go back to your old favourites in the end.

A cheaper but inferior product.

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Not happy

They just keep falling out. I got them 2 days ago and I have already gone though 3 of the ones in the box. Its really annoying. To start with I thought they were really good they were really light and I could see so all good. Then I went out with friends for dinner and I suddenly couldn't see. I went home and put the other pair on thinking I probably didn't put enough solution on them. nope they fall out again. and today my third fell out. needless to say Im not very impressed. I have to say though got them the next day after ordering them so quick shipping

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