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Laser Beam Contacts Could Soon Become A Reality

Scientists in Scotland have just revealed the world’s first contacts that are able to shoot out laser beams. Soon everyone will have access to this incredible superpower…minus the burning other people to shreds part.

According to a Read more


Frog Embryos Could Help Develop Stem Cell Therapies For Human Eyes

The eyes of a unique South African frog embryo could help doctors better understand how human eye tissue can naturally heal itself. Well, at least that’s according to a new Read more


New Glow-In-The-Dark Contacts Could Cure Diabetic Retinopathy

A group of engineers at the California Institute of Technology has developed a pair of contacts that might be able to treat diabetic retinopathy. Although it’s only in its initial phases of development, these exciting... Read more


Taking Pictures with Sony's new contact lenses

Although it’s been in the news, a lot of people don’t fully realize yet just how technology is revolutionizing the contact lens.

Brief recap: contacts were originally conceived of in 1508 by the genius Leonardo DaVinci. The first practical lenses were made in 1823 by Sir John... Read more


New Contact Lenses Could Halt Myopia Progression

Researchers at Australia's Queensland University of Technology (QUT) are getting ready to test a pair contacts that could reverse symptoms of... Read more


New Study Reveals Huge Increase In Non-Powder Gun-Related Eye Injuries

A new American study found that eye injuries from non-powder guns have spiked in the past few decades. Interestingly, this comes at a time when sports-related eye injuries have fallen overall.

Researchers at the... Read more


New Study Looks At UK's Perceptions Of Eyeglasses And Contacts

Although contacts are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, many Britons continue to wear spectacles just because they "look cool." That's according to Optegra Eye Health Care's... Read more


UK Makeup Artist Stresses Importance Of Annual Eye Exams

Joanne Morgan, a makeup artist for CNN's London office, publicly revealed she was undergoing treatment for ocular melanoma. She hopes that by sharing... Read more


The better a baseball player's vision, the better his/her score on the field

The better a baseball player's vision, the better his/her score on the field. That's according to a new American study that researched the correlation between hand-eye-coordination and... Read more

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